Help find Cheeks a home! This handsome 4-6 year old was found fending for himself on the streets of South Philadelphia. A kind neighbor brought him to PAWS, where he received safe housing, meals, a comfortable bed, and plenty of love from staff and volunteers. He also received needed veterinary care to help him become healthy enough for adoption. He is now residing at PAWS' Old City adoption center while he waits for a loving adoptive home. During his stay, he has become a favorite among everyone caring for him thanks to his adorable face and friendly personality. Donations will support the cost of giving Cheeks a safe and loving place to stay until he finds a family. You do not have to donate money, just watch several vidoes below and it will automaticaly earn money for Cheek.

Updates 11/17/2019:

It turned out that Cheeks found his family before we finished our donations! Cheeks was our very first project and we have been collecting money for a while (Since May`19!!). So, Cheeks was lucky to find his people and we do not need help anymore! He is saying thanks to everyone! However, there are a bunch of other kitties that live in a shelter and need help. This small donation $100 was sent to the shelter to support other animals! Thanks a lot to everyone!

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