Please, meet angel Sirius. Despite his young age, this good boy already has a life story full of cruelty and toughness. Now, that old life is only being kept in his memory and we would like to believe that he will never see anything like this again. Volunteers are doing their best to help Sirius meet his new life. 

Just 2.5 months ago Sirius lived in a special dog camp. In this camp dogs are being forced to attack wild animals in order to train how to hunt. Both wild animals and dogs have to survive in that scary places and they suffer a lot. After Sirius got injured, he was literally thrown away to the roadside as he was not needed anymore… He was slowly dying for several days while people just walked past him. After Sirius was found by volunteers, he was diagnosed with a fractured skull, many body wounds, blindness and anorexia. The dog was almost dead, but the Dog Haven gave him more time to live.

Now, this old live in the past and the dog gets better day by day. However, Siri needs the support and pay his bills in a shelter. This small donation could be spent to pay Siri's monthly bills. Volunteers and we are truly believe that this injured baby will never know the scary and pain anymore. Just 5 minutes of your time may help this angel to recover! Donate for free!

Volunteer(Inst) : @_animal_care

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