Nick is 6 months old has been found on the street in May 2019 in Russian city Samara. He was barely alive, helpless and scared when volunteers rescued him. Being 6 months old he already underwent across people`s cruel. When volunteers found him, the puppy had several jaw fractures, broken paw. He was in this condition alone on the street for several days accepting his fate and trying to mitigate the pain. 

Nick overcame one surgery on his jaw. His open wound caused a body tissue damage. Nick is in a shelter now and needs medical care. He is expecting to have some more surgeries and long months of recovery. We beg you to help Nick and make a good deed. He still can believe in kindness and get to trust people. 

We really want to think that such angels like Nick will find their happiness in this world. We know that Nick will recover and become funny puppy. We also believe that Nick will eventually find his human and family

Volunteer: @lis_help_animals

Updates 11/17/2019:

Nick received all donations and this money was spent on his living in a shelter. This amount if sufficient to pay 1-month staying in the shelter and it gives Nick a chance to find his family. All bills can be found below. If you want to help Nick please reach out to instagram page @lis_help_animals.

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