Cats House for Kiki


Please, meet Kiki! It's a very friendly and smart catto who lives in Philly. Even though Kiki does not have family and permanent home, we cannot say that KiKi is completely street cat. He is cared for by local people and regularly gets food. Unfortunately, 90% of people who live around are international students and they cannot take him. But cat is enjoying his life chasing squirrels, trying to catch birds (always fails) and cuddling with people that he knows. Other than that, he is cautious and always alert as a stray cat is supposed to be. We visited Kiki and he met us with very loud and continuous “Meeeeeeeooowwww ARRRR”. Of course, we got him a bowl full of food after. As you may see, Kiki is doing pretty good and seems like does not need help. However, in the winter cold makes Kiki struggle sometimes… Winter in Philly is not as severe as in Tundra, but the cat still needs the protection from the wind and rain.

This small donation will help Kiki get “CATTAGE”, his own small outdoor house. We already talked to people who feed Kiki and they loved this idea of buying a present for the cat. It will be a great gift for the catto in this Thanksgiving day!


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