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Hello World !
5/7/2019 773

Hello World,

This is the first post. I will be taking notes about how this project is being developed. I would like to notice that I am not a native speaker, so you should expect some grammar and spelling mistakes in my posts. For now, I created a simple prototype of a website that allows users to watch short ads which automaticaly donates money to animals. Some of you may notice that this is the second time I am launching this app. It is partly true. The first version could not survive, and I had to do some changes to improve it. So technically it is a re-launch. And there is a miracle: I managed to make it bi-lingual (English and Russian).

The biggest question now is how to find advertisers who will agree to post their ads and pay for each view. Since nobody knows about this app yet, I am planning to be an advertiser and pay money from the pocket. I need to test the idea and see how it works.

Another problem is how to find first projects for donations. I already reached out several shelters in Philadelphia and one individual who rescues stray animals in Russia, but still waiting for their feedback. It turned out that it is not as easy as I expected.

I hope I can launch the app this or maximum next week. When it happens, the next step will be to attract people to the website and try to get a fundrise for this projects. Here is a picture just for history, how everything started: