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One week after launch
8/18/2019 723

It's been a week since the app has been started. I cannot say that it is a long time, but I have already gained some knowledge. First of all, it is all true that team is the most important and you need a team to start any enterprise. It is very true because one person can`t be in charge of marketing, searching for investments, fix bugs and maintain a server. For the above reasons I am actively looking for a developer who would help me with a technical part. This is my main concern now.

Regarding the results this week, we collected around $32. In total we have about $42. There are 42 users right now registered and approximately 35 of them donated at least once. Twenty eight of all users are my friends or people who I know. I asked several accounts to advertise donadd.com on their pages on Instagram, and all of them agreed. All this looks positive and make me think that people are interested in this idea of donating for free. However, as I said, my main concern is a team (especially a developer). Marketing and SMM is another thing that requires a lot of time that I lack right now. I am trying to elaborate a strategy but do not have the full understanding of how it should work. So if you have any offers or suggestions feel free to send them to the email donaddcom@gmail.com. I will keep reporting about the news and progress. And thank you to everyone who helps me with this enterprise and donations!