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Avalanche Effect
11/11/2019 453

It is not a secret that it's hard to promote the web app without the budget. We tried different sources, mostly Social Media. We found out that users very reluctantly register and watch videos. The conversion rate was about 2%. It means that out of 100 people who opened the website, only 2 registered and watched ads to help animals. We assume that users do not understand how our website works and they are not aware that registration is required. However, today one instagram account (@lis_help_animals), that helps stray animals, mentioned our project in a post. It had an avalanche effect. We were re-posted by many other users and managed to collect more than $70 for 6 hours. The previous record was only $5.5. In addition, we got around 250 new instagram followers and a lot of feedback. Now, we have around 1000 website visitors per day and 350 registered users! These things motivate to keep going and prove that we are on the right track. Seems like the idea is interesting and people are ready to help and donate their time.

We are still searching for advertisers and new projects. We reached out about 15 companies and offered them to place their ads for free, but got no response so far. I think we just need to keep reaching out people and ultimately we will get something. 

By the way, our small team is growing and now we have a CTO in out team :)