Steere House's Cat
11/5/2019 600

You might have heard of Steere House's famous cat Oscar, who made headlines in 2007.  

Oscar is a medium-haired cat with a gray-and-brown back and white belly. In 2005 he was taken to the nursing home, because its staff believes in the therapeutic benefits of animal companionship. Pets play with visiting children and prove a welcome distraction for patients and doctors alike.

After a year, the staff noticed that Oscar would spend his days pacing from room to room. He sniffed and looked at the patients but rarely spent much time with anyone — except when they had just hours to live.

He’s accurate enough that the staff — including Dosa — know it’s time to call family members when Oscar stretches beside their patients, who are generally too ill to notice his presence. If kept outside the room of a dying patient, he’ll scratch at doors and walls, trying to get in.

The story of this cat is unique. Dr. David Dosa and his colleagues tallied about 50 correct calls made by Oscar over five years. Dosa is trying to explain this amazing phenomenon in his book “Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat.”


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